What ist he App for?

Give your fans what they want. Personal Contact.

CelebU is a free messanger app just for Stars like you. You will not share your mobile number but your fans can still write personally. You will be able to answer you fans separatly or by bulk messages. Pictures, Videos and messages can be send as free o ras „premiumcontent“.

The Clou! he price is yours.
You set the prices, so with every incoming messages from your fans, you will merit money.

Earn money
Boost your Brand
Unite your fans!

Your Success in 4 steps

  • Register

    Enlist for free. You receive your personal securitycode by SMS. Install the App and login.

  • Your Profile

    Edit your profile. In the best case you take your natural name or the name your fans know you for. Upload your picture and the profile is ready.

  • Apply as a star

    In the App you will find the button „apply as star“. Just click on it and type in your credentials. Send out your application and ready to run.

  • You are a STAR

    Congrats, as Star you set your own message price. You can send out pictures, videos and messages to your fans and followers for free or with additional charge.

I am your Consult

If you have any question get in touch with me, I will help you how to unite your fans and earn money.

team member